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Alzheimer Café IW 

"We can all learn much from each other by sharing, listening and understanding."

An Alzheimer Café is an informal meeting place, where people whose lives have been affected by dementia can come along to find out more about it’s emotional and psychological impact in a supportive and friendly atmosphere, as well as receiving the benefits of social interaction.

The Café combines a number of elements, bringing about an atmosphere of openness, where people directly and indirectly affected by dementia can discuss issues surrounding the disease, where family, friends, carers, support workers and those with the disease can all enjoy a social and informative event.

Guests can enjoy a drink and something to eat, where they listen to a talk on a key aspect of the disease, including the emotional consequences for carers and families. The talk is based around a number of different themes (see below). The topics may cover difficult and emotional areas, but bringing them out for discussion can make them easier to deal with. They are also given an opportunity to have an informal chat with the volunteers and speakers at the event.

On the Isle of Wight we are fortunate to have seven Alzheimer Café’s running each month, all around the island at different times of the day, so there should be something for everyone.


These focus on psychological and emotional subjects, and the education and support topics linked to them. The themes broadly reflect the dementia process and changes over the course of the year. By regularly attending the Café’s, guests get the chance to consider the range of issues that they may be dealing with.

  • Introduction to Alzheimer Cafes
  • Diagnosing Dementia: what is and isn’t dementia
  • What happens to memory and attention
  • How dementia affects us inside: the range of emotions
  • Understanding fear and anger – the ‘lion’ emotions
  • What help is available
  • Communication – how do we stay connected?
  • Stress – why does it sneak up on you?
  • Understanding grieving and guilt
  • Hitting and overcoming brick walls: living with dementia
  • The future